Credit guides

Use these credit guides to learn how to master credit. Discover how to make the most of your credit report and build a strong credit history that can help make your financial life more manageable.

Credit reports

Understand your credit report so you can manage credit better.

Canadian credit reports

In a nutshell

A credit report can help you understand how credit products and your financial behaviour affect your credit. Learn how to access and read your credit report, understand credit checks and take steps to improve your credit report.

Credit scores

Learn how Canadian credit scores work.

Canadian credit scores

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Learn how your credit score affects your financial health, discover how your credit rating impacts your credit score and how this information appears on your credit report. See what you can do to improve your credit score.

Credit ratings

Learn how Canadian credit ratings work.

Canadian credit ratings

In a nutshell

Discover how credit ratings work, why payment history affects your credit rating and how this all connects to your overall credit score.

Canadian credit guides

Canadian credit guides

Debt and credit go hand in hand, and your credit score is the key to unlocking better credit products and making your dreams a reality.

Use these specially selected guides to dive deeper into credit reports and credit scores in Canada.

Learn how a credit score works and how to increase your credit score. Understand how your credit report influences your score, and take steps to boost your credit rating.