Be debt free with a consumer proposal in Ottawa

You could reduce your debt by up to 80% with a consumer proposal in Ottawa.

  • Reduce your debt
  • Lower your bills
  • Freeze interest
  • Stop collections
  • Protect your assets
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Be debt free with a consumer proposal in Ottawa.

Why file a consumer proposal in Ottawa?

If you are living in Ottawa, Ontario, and need debt relief, a consumer proposal can change your life by reducing your debt by as much as 80%.

A consumer proposal is a legal debt settlement arrangement with your creditors that lets you combine your unsecured debt into a single monthly payment.

What’s more, there’s zero interest to pay, and you could be debt free within five years.

  • Write off up to 80% of debts
  • Lower your monthly bills
  • Stop collection action
  • Stop wage garnishments
  • Unfreeze your bank account
  • No interest rate
  • Keep all your assets
  • Avoid filing for bankruptcy.

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How does an Ottawa consumer proposal work?

In simple terms, a consumer proposal allows you to reduce your debt by up to 80% by repaying your creditors less than you owe, with the remaining balance forgiven.

What is a consumer proposal?

You make a single monthly payment, and at the end of your proposal, you are debt free. It offers debt relief without affecting things like your home, car or savings.

You can eliminate most unsecured debts, like credit card debt, personal loans, payday loans, student loans, overdrafts, utility bills and tax debts.

A consumer proposal combines all your bills into one monthly payment.

If you file a consumer proposal, you must agree to some terms. You repay your creditors for no longer than five years.

Once your proposal is accepted, creditors and collection agencies can no longer garnish your wages or contact you.

A consumer proposal is administered by a Licensed Insolvency Trustee, who acts as your consumer proposal administrator and negotiates with your creditors on your behalf.

All trustees are licensed and regulated by the Office of the Superintendent of Bankruptcy Canada, as per the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act.

Contact an experienced Licensed Insolvency Trustee in Ottawa to get started. Your consultation is free, so what are you waiting for?

Join the 526 Ottawans who filed a consumer proposal in the second quarter of 2022 alone.

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How much does a consumer proposal cost?

The cost of a consumer proposal depends on the amount of debt you have, your creditors, income level and assets.

To find out how much your monthly repayments might be, use our consumer proposal repayment calculator.

Consumer proposal cost

How long does a consumer proposal last?

A consumer proposal can last up to five years, but you can pay more and complete the process anytime without penalties or interest.

Debt relief Ottawa

If you’re looking for help with your debt in Ottawa, a Licensed Insolvency Trustee will devise a personalized plan based on your financial situation.

This might be through a consumer proposal, debt counselling, or another debt solution like a debt consolidation loan, credit counselling, a debt management plan or personal bankruptcy.

The first step is to book your free consultation with an experienced Licensed Insolvency Trustee in Ottawa.

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Free consultation with a Licensed Insolvency Trustee by video, phone or in person.

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Ottawa consumer proposal FAQs

  • Can I include my student loan debt?

    You can include your student loan debt if you have been out of school for seven years or more.

  • Will it affect my credit score?

    Your credit score is affected when undertaking a consumer proposal, but it is not permanent. It lets you start with a clean slate, and you can start rebuilding your credit.

  • Will my spouse or partner be affected?

    No. If the debts are all yours, a consumer proposal will not affect your spouse or partner, and only your credit rating will be affected.

    If you have any joint debts or jointly own a home, your spouse or partner might be affected. In this scenario, contact a Licensed Insolvency Trustee to discuss your options.

  • Do I have to pay back the entire debt?

    No, most of the time, you will only pay back a percentage of your debt. This can sometimes result in a debt reduction of up to 80%.

    When you enter a consumer proposal, you will only ever pay one fixed monthly payment to your Licensed Insolvency Trustee at the agreed amount.

  • Can my creditors contact me if I file?

    No, your Licensed Insolvency Trustee will be your creditors’ primary point of contact. Collection calls and all communication from creditors will stop.

  • What happens after my consumer proposal is complete?

    After making all your monthly payments, your Licensed Insolvency Trustee will release you from your debt, and you can rebuild your finances.